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Prosecutors have less discretion in charging decisions and less leeway in resolving these cases.

Few allegations carry such steep punishment and lifelong ramifications as a sex offense.

With nearly all children now using the Internet and cell phones, the probability of them encountering an unsolicited sexual advance has greatly increased.

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Equally important, the Task Force educates parents and children on the dangers of the Internet.At their fingertips, parents not only have Internet safety tips and a pledge, but also access to Ohio’s Sex Offender Registry.The data for the Sex Offender Registry is provided by the Ohio Buckeye State Sheriff's Association, which includes all 88 Ohio Sheriffs.These are general legal information sources, and are not to be construed as a substitute for personal legal advice from an attorney.Please seek legal counsel to help you determine the applicability of any of the information in these resources to your specific situation.

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