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Click the image on the right for a better view of this veteran trooper.

A good 20% of her total voyages were in the service of the British military, some 74 voyages in all, and most of those through the Med.

if so, see my info and offer for help right at the bottom of this page. Dad wasn't a particularly good or keen sailor, so his memories of the voyage are, understandably, rather scant.

On gaining access to his service record, we did indeed discover the truth in the family 'legend' that he was not originally posted to Malta at all.

He also served with 204 ASRU, servicing wireless sets on their high-speed rescue launches.

See further down for photos of HSL 2625, an ASR launch dating from 1943, upon which he had many a hair-raising ride.

And always time to muck about with someone's engine. Considering his trade, I think some may have taken a dim view of a rookie airman snapping away at anything he liked. The few that I have don't tell any particular story, other than they give a sort of rough view of life for one groundcrew tradesman in the RAF in those years immediately after the war, and especially for those posted to Malta.

It's only in recent years, getting to know other ex-RAF 'types', that I've come to realise that RAF humour was a thing apart .. It's amazing how many of the comedians of stage and screen in the 50's and 60's were ex-RAF.

And I have dad to thank for passing some of that on to me.

His collection of funny stories, and of flying with really mad airmen, usually ex-WW2 Czech or Polish bomber pilots, are a joy.

People complain about low-flying now, but returning to base from stooging around the Fens with sections of tree stuck in the undercart were nothing unusual.

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