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What made her memorable: After the CLIOs, Alice went down on Don while humming the "Star Spangled Banner." God bless.

(Poor Betty.)What made her memorable: Bobbie and Don get very frisky in a public hallway, and they also got in an epic car crash together.

What made her memorable: Don runs into Andrea in an elevator, and then she reminds him of the good times they used to have... But the thing you're more likely to recall is Don having fever dreams about Andrea until he eventually strangles her to death.

(In his dream, that is.) She's the first woman post-Megan to even tempt Don away, and by "killing" her he shows that he's trying to do the right thing, even if he has some darker impulses. until she turned to drugs and then guilted Don into giving her money for MORE drugs.

He tells her about switching identities, and she challenges him in a way other women hadn't before.

While Megan may have been the woman he ended up marrying, she owes a lot of the grunt work of making Don a better man to Faye. First appearance: Season 4, Episode 1, "Public Relations"Don's relationship status at the time: Divorced from Betty.

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