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Instead, they can just concentrate on being themselves and putting their best foot forward.

“Dating, and especially those initial first dates, is not easy.

With collaborative features like this and a unique concept overall, Double has become very popular among younger singles.

The app sees 55,000 active users a month and growing, with 95% of members in the 18-to-30 age range and only 5% in the over-30 age range.

Not because she didn’t like them or anything — she just felt unsafe and weird about meeting a stranger by herself.

That’s when she turned to mutual friend Rebecca and said, “If only you could come with me and meet one of his friends, too.” It was that simple comment that became the inspiration for Double, an app where each person brings a friend to the date.

What we’re providing is very much what the younger demographic is looking for,” Loren said.

But with everything done as a duo, understandably, the most common question Loren gets is “What if me and my friend like the same person?

Now it’s one of the most popular location-based dating apps in the U. as well as New York City — seeing over 250,000 swipes and 40,000 messages a day and receiving more than 200,000 downloads from The App Store and Google Play.

While the concept might sounds slightly dodgy, Double – the latest dating app to rival Tinder – is actually aimed at shy singletons, who can’t face the thought of first date, after first date, after first date with random strangers.

The idea is that you sign up with your favourite wingman and choose couples together, then double date to take the awkward conversation out of all those first meetings.

The Double app strives to take that pressure off — letting you and a friend create a joint profile, swipe for matches, take part in group chats, and go on dates as a duo.

With a supportive confidant by your side, you can focus more on having a great time and showcasing your real personality — and less on traversing potentially awkward situations by yourself.

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