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I'm finding it's really difficult to find real information or experiences on this subject.I don't know if we qualify as a "masturbating family" but my sister and I were always very close and this extended into pretty much all facets of growing up.My mother talked to my sisters about everything from contraception to abortion, but nobody ever talked to me about anything.I discovered masturbation while toweling myself off after a shower, which led to all kinds of confusion and experimentation.Eventually the curiosity got deeper and the show and tell turned into masturbation.I remember buying adult newspapers from a machine and bring those home and we would read them together.I think it paid off because my friend was one of those supremely self confident people who never boasted or complained, just got things done and smiled the whole time.Im turned on a lot about the thought of this, i never had the experience of doing it really, but i think for most people the taboo of it all can be what is so exciting and such a turn on..would love to hear some thoughts or experiences! My mother was open with me sexually once I was old enough to appreciate it.

i'm just curious if this is rare or more common than i think.A friend, however, revealed to me in high school that his family was very open about masturbation.His parents not only discussed it, but taught him how and provided material to make it better.dont know why but this struck me in a positive way. I don't know how common it is but growning up my family was most definitely open in this regard.My parents talked openly about sex and told us repeatedly there was nothing shameful about it.

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