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We expect There will be as much work as they can handle, and then some." Even critics agreed on that point.

A HRC Super Volunteer commented on social media, "With more republicans sweeping into power, there will be a flood of propaganda and lies being circulated on the net and in media.

Bonita Sarkasmian, a social justice activist and aspiring science student, has spoken out about how knowledge of mathematics is an unfair imposition on those who struggle to understand the concepts behind it.

"We have literally hundreds of thousands of students who would like to succeed in STEM fields, but the barrier of entry is too high because of the outrageous expectation that they have math skills," Ms. She went on to explain, "Mathematics was invented by the patriarchy as an oppressive device to keep women from invading the male spaces of facts, logic and reason.

"I know Satan has attacked us with a few setbacks, but we know in the end Satan will be defeated and our Lord will triumph over all of Creation." The Duggars had originally starred in a series, 19 Kids & Counting, produced by TLC, but their show was supended by the network in May, 2015 when the Duggars' eldest son, Josh, publicly apologized for having "acted inexcusably" following reports that he molested five girls, including some of his sisters, by fondling them.

The new show was pitched to HBO when the Duggar family head, Jim Bob, went into deep study of the Bible and discovered that adultery only consisted of sexual relations with the woman who is married to another man, while there is no prohibition on sex with an unmarried woman, provided her father was suitably compensated financially or with livestock.

He also discovered that a man can still meet Biblical standards if he take his unmarried sexual partner as a concubine.

Critics were quick to question the presence of a mail server in Clinton's possession, and wondered if it had classified government emails that didn't belong there.

Myron Finkster, of the Republican Homeland Directorate, pointed out that a mail server was an unusual thing to be transporting in one's panties.

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