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Sean Ash is another straight dude who is happy to hear that James wants to give him his ass.Sean starts to slowly suck on James’ rather large dick, and then James is all horny and wants not only to reciprocate, but also to prepare Sean to be as hard as possible before penetrating his straight ass.

Many of you have written us asking if we could feature more of Beaux to see how he receives big straight cocks up his ass.

Giovanni Delgado is a hot, straight, masculine dude.

He’s pretty tall, with dark hair and handsome face. In fact he has one of the thickest cocks I’ve seen.

Jay may appear somewhat introvert and timid, but that disappears once you get to know him better.

As soon as he realized that I was cool with him as he is, he let go of his defences and everything went on smoothly after that.

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Jay Mc Quay is a hefty straight stud with a beautiful, muscled body.

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