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Diccionario BBpaflol-Chamorro, que dedica i, laa escuelas de Marianas el P. Anicet Ki Ibafiez del Carmen, cura p^jroco de Agafia; published in Manila, Imp. along with — yan (jrci x) alphabet, n — atfabeto also li] ad to b PMdei — contc io loiuc altu I — atfcat altai of mcense n — attat y i lu iu I Is rittcu paopaoi sija alteration n mulati u \arialj Fibift — ymilang tinillica altitude h i^it — altura hncci, al T/ays di — aieidjire amass i It to heap up to join — amontona noetnm amassed j ad] piled up I ar I d iinu Hted — niirn^ etnon mima amaze w tr to conicund or stun lulh t ir to l^tonlsh — jonga^ amaze « ) to be amazed to be ■itunn I with fiar — majfigofig; ambassador n — enihajacl6t ambidexterous ad] d — fafayii Si tidoj ijt ]iilat iimitiende todoji ^cil A amenable tulj eif^ lo le^rt s i! _ artificial, a dj., a d v.: — ininajuyoug taotiio. ascension (asaumption) of Mary, the Virgin, n..- — aiiunsi6n.

mia Amencan n amiable orfj adv lo\eh — airable goflmcn t,iniablei Less n — imjianu B a-moable ad} Eriendh pea Lea T-Ie ta ladisgusto timfinumo a md 7 rej amoi^ \ etwecn — Sntal S amiss id} wrong faulty — isao laohe among j re adi araonsst amidst — ent^ Sntalj amour n lo\c iffair (aho lo\pr or .alhnt) — a. n x ample adj full abundant abund ansia suiliaiente i Ir r t to entertiin to ttlfc to S1V to utt Pf to Hpe^k — adi Egau ^J^ t ne entretiene amusing aiij a h ludicro is — o St anatomy i — estudion tdtaotao ancestors ; I I — maflama anchor — ail^la anchor tr tj thrjw t th a h r sotta y angela anchor i i to In at inchoi — ma ai^cla anchor i lo l me Id anthor an Scla mj ■^ ^la a n c h. ashamed, adj., adv.: shamefaced:— mamaiiau Jmamajiao).

Before concluding, the author wishea to express the hope that his principal aim, that of the facilitatioa of the work of the public schools of Guam, through the placing into the pupils' hands of the means for the acquisition of a thorough understanding of the meaning of the Ei^liah Words learned by them in the course of their school term, may be accomplished. Find Japones yan Chamorro; Nin Sjuyulig y Tenderon, Nanyon-Boyeki-Kaisha; D. to ashect — afitn^a Icfi n le j Ua xu rison allegiance r fllclitj to a coiintn a f UBP tr ] croon — cumpbdo gni m S.

Office oi-' the Supply Officbh and Pay Officeji of the Station, Noveml Kr 14, 1916. And thus the author resigned himself to the task of rewriting all the work done, and presents it now in the finished (onn appearing (1) sas Gooi^le herein, acceptable, and, he hopes, usefiil to those for whose especial benefit it was planned and executed. in Guam (Marianen); published in Hongkong, Typis Socie- tatis Mission Jim ad Eitoriof, in 1910.

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i.; to reach; to seize (with the hand); to gras]): — gii'"tret 1 e I o t n bed &aon bed to laj down on the be 1 bed e t" 1 e 1 — fiaon bedbug -chenche bed frame — c&tie bed sheets erie Bh t bee abeja, be el — catnen gniaca f,u beer setbeaa beea-wax — daneues abeja ser beetle gagat&e Ulj ypapagpag befall t l*tie jotgue before i p ep ant q •" n6na n P a beg tn en eat suplli -antes de t" d a, tut i]on tu u] n t fujune begonel t *j k away — unjanaol behave tu condu t n s ee f t den ean Maje manea behave n — qmeto I behead, — deg Ueya behind ad n retr of tate t. believing, 'idj., adv.; devout, true: — m Einj oi^gue . li n pon IJtion — dispoflision rep-la lae'tsiire, v li" — nude moat )i — catne, eonso Ti -iieda J n tnedillim — milaya i-iediate, i t tn ac-t is mc ut r — um Sntalfi cniahio mediator n adi c Ul — gaigogue — amot i Hiibmi=ii\ e I iitde, o^nn membti ii limb miei"bro pfidagon menibei of the biotherhood i — cofi adia □ etiiory i r ai ii ll i bl — jinaso menace i ( it) throit Pii faiiague mend ir t rr"] iir — lemenda mental a ij \ ortimin t tilt mmd intello tniliht gui aire method n pjafdii i ier — jtchura jiiddle 71 ^talo il Tiiddle flngei f caluiot talo midnignt ?

fuli r l — matanty is npoiu "t — -m.inasa May n —mayo ma^miman mayor n — un t Atn^ meadow n pasture latii lani\if')ms h i\ — fama^tuyan pa^'t linajt i meal ii eitiu — corolda meal beetle n — gotgojo ii 1) ukar — tailaye mean spinted anwlule idi — en retanto nieas Tire n — medida Leaflure n rule di-ip-isal n lin.

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