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Tall, blonde, sexy, and motor-mouthed, she clearly passed on some of her magnetic qualities to her great-neice, the supermodel Cara Delevingne, dubbed the new Kate Moss.

‘Thank God you like them,’ trilled Doris, ‘I’m just back from Italy and I’ve bought 250 pairs of the damned things!

One biographer recalls the couple sharing a hotel bedroom where Doris had provided Percy with a female prostitute and ordered him to use a cane on the poor unsuspecting wretch. She may have bought 250 pairs of shoes at a time, invited princes to sit at the foot of her bed, filled the gossip columns with her doings, and become the Sex Queen of Mayfair.

Percy was too shy to oblige, so Doris grabbed the weapon and barked, ‘Here, let me show you how! One night in 1942, with Britain plunged into the depths of war, she encountered the grand old Duke of Marlborough in the Dorchester Hotel.

’Steibel was a devotee, describing Doris as ‘the enchantress of the Thirties, above whose pointed and beautifully painted face is a jester’s cap of pure gold hair.’ However, Stiebel, as they used to say in those days, was not the marrying kind. And soon she bumped into the man who was to become her husband — and provide her not only with a title but the gateway to even greater riches and, she hoped, social acceptance.

Valentine Castlerosse was a viscount, a gossip columnist and a spendthrift. But he was also heir to an Irish earldom and a beautiful estate in County Kerry, and was one of the most entertaining men in London. But that did not matter because Doris had the money and Castlerosse had the title.

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