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At my CAS I already have a Reporting Services point that is up and running on the local SQL Server on the CAS server. As you can see in the picture below, I’ve used a service account for all of the services except for the SQL Server Browser which runs fine as NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SYSTEM. Before we click Next on the Server Configuration page, make sure that the Collation is set to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, which can be done under the Collaction tab. It could be a good idea to split the temp DB and regular databases on separate volumes for instance. In this case, since we’ll be adding the remote Reporting Services point to the CAS, we need to add the computer account of that server to the local Administrators group. If that’s not the case, simply just add a new account. Nickolaj has been in the IT industry for the past 10 years specializing in Enterprise Mobility and Security, Windows devices and deployments including automation.The goal with this post is to add a secondary Reporting Services point on a remote Site System server called RP01. The requirements for installing a remote Reporting Services point in Config Mgr 2012 are not that extreme to be honest. Make sure to select SQL Server Feature Installation and click Next on the Setup Role page. On the Feature Selection page, make the following selections: In cases where you need to divide the load on your server, specify another location for the shared feature directories. Now that we’ve done that, we can continue with adding the Site System role. Open the Config Mgr console and go to Administration – Site Configuration – Servers and Site System Roles. Since we’re adding a new remote server, right click on Servers and Site System Roles in the console and select Create Site System Server. On the General page, enter the server name in Name text field ( and select what Site code to associate it with. For this purpose I’m using the SQL_RS account (see the requirements section of this post), although I would consider it best practice to use a different account, like CM_RS for instance. Currently working for True Sec as a Principal Consultant.

Although it’s a good idea to scale your server from the start and plan for how much load there might be on the Reporting Services point. Launch the SQL Server installation from the ISO or source directory. In the left pane, click on Installation and then choose New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation. is a systems management software product developed by Microsoft for managing large groups of computers running Windows NT, Windows Embedded, mac OS (OS X), Linux or UNIX, as well as Windows Phone, Symbian, i OS and Android mobile operating systems.The most frequently used feature is software deployment, which provides installation and updating of Windows Apps, legacy applications and Operating Systems across a business enterprise. Launch the Reporting Services Configuration from Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2008/ 2012 , point to Configuration Tools. The first thing I would check in term of SSRS functionality is “Reporting Services Configuration”.

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This step sets up the Report Manager web site where you will publish reports Exit Reporting Service Configuration Manager. Based in Montreal, Canada, Senior Microsoft SCCM Consultant, 4 times Enterprise Mobility MVP. His specialization is designing, deploying and configuring SCCM, mass deployment of Windows operating systems, Office 365 and Intunes deployments.

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